LUCKYIRISHINU is a community DEFI token built on FAITH, LOVE, HOPE, and LUCK. These will be the values embraced by the LUCKY IRISH INU community to support one another. We will help each other build rainbow bridges to the moon. If one of us falls, he/she must kill the Leprechaun at the end of that rainbow, steal its gold and redistribute it to all of us. LUCKYIRISHINU is a unique token with CAKE Reflection every 6 hours and a Mini Jackpot that randomly awards a lucky LUCKYIRISHINU hodler whenever it reaches 100 CAKE.

We will be launching an NFT marketplace and metaverse for lucky objects called Luckyverse.

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Minimum hodling of 44 LUCKYIRISHINU tokens to receive CAKE Rewards and 222,222 LUCKYIRISHINU tokens to own a ticket for Mini Jackpot of 100 CAKE

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Once This Number Reaches 100 CAKE, 1 Random Hodler of 222,222 or More LUCKYIRISHINU Tokens Will Win Automatically

🍀 Luckyverse NFT marketplace and game for LUCKYIRISHINU 🍀

⏰ Buying/selling open on Aug 18,2021 at 10 AM Dublin time ⭐️

Luckyverse is an NFT platform and upcoming game that creates digital lucky charms world where players can buy, find and trade varieties of trinkets globally recognized to bring luck. Holders can redeem for them with LUCKYIRISHINU tokens and store them as NFTs on their mobile devices which will bring them luck. Its simple, buy, stake and earn with LUCKYIRISHINU.

Looking to find the luckiest objects in the metaverse, players can also go on adventures to collect out fabled lucky objects like phoenix or a magic lamp

Luckyverse is also a player first marketplace which allows you to seamlessly sell and trade their lucky charms assets into various types of cryptocurrency. Use LUCKYIRISHINU tokens to play and earn allowing players to earn by playing games.


  • There are approximately 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every "lucky" four-leaf clover.
  • There are no clover plants that naturally produce four leaves, which is why four-leaf clovers are so rare.
  • The leaves of four-leaf clovers are said to stand for Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck.
  • It's often said that Ireland is home to more four-leaf clovers than any other place, giving meaning to the phrase "the luck of the Irish."
  • If you're lucky enough to find a four-leaf clover, look for more! If a clover plant produces a four-leaf clover, it's more likely to produce another four-leaf lucky charm than plants that only produce three-leaf clovers.
  • The fourth leaf can be smaller or a different shade of green than the other three leaves
  • Shamrocks and four-leaf clovers are not the same thing; the word 'shamrock' refers only to a clover with three leaves.


  • Website and LUCKYIRISHINU Payout/Lottery Dashboard
  • Gather folks to Telegram Group
  • Finalize Tokenomics
  • Fair launch
  • Initial Twitter and Telegram pushes
  • Social media competition -- win CAKE!!
  • Run PooCoin advertisements
  • CoinmarketCap Listing
  • More Shill Competition
  • Listing on all relevant crypto websites
  • Dextools ranking campaign
  • Listing on CoinGecko
  • More social media competitions -- keep the prizes coming!
  • Professional promotional sales video
  • Expanding international community outreach on Telegram and Discord
  • Charity drives to help sheltered animals
  • Explore other reward tokens and mechanisms
  • Merchandise and NFTs